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A New Season at Pearl's

Dear Customers of Pearl’s Bake Shoppe,


My name is Paul Hubbard and I became the new proud owner of Pearl’s on January 22nd. I have been a chef in Richmond for 24 years and a successful restaurant owner for 16 of those years. I am excited to announce all the improvements that will be coming to Pearl’s in the next few months.


While I am eager to build upon the proud legacy of Pearl’s as Richmond’s favorite little dessert shoppe on the corner of Patterson and Libbie, please know that we are committed to keeping what is working and improving what hasn’t.


Let’s start with the former. The recipes, fresh ingredients, and love that have made Pearl’s an institution in our community will stay the same. They are the bedrock of who we are. Still, we recognize that there are areas of improvement. We firmly believe in quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction, and it is my top priority to institute the processes needed to make these pillars of our business a reality.


While we make these necessary updates, it is important that we perfect the hallmarks of Pearl’s – the fresh-baked cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, cookies, brownies, and assorted pastries that we have all come to love. Accordingly, for the time being, we will be taking orders for custom-baked items, custom cakes, and breakfast items on a case-by-case basis to ensure that you are satisfied with our product. Please visit us online to complete an inquiry for a custom order.


Separately, as a business owner, I believe in caring for those who care for our customers. I am committed to improving our employees’ experience working in our beloved bakery and am excited to begin in the coming months to offer them health benefits, a retirement savings plan, competitive pay, as well as paid vacation and paid time off.


In summary, it is an honor to continue the Pearl’s legacy of providing the tastiest treats in Richmond. As we embark on this transition period, I simply ask for your patience. We will work tirelessly to cause as little disruption to service as possible, but there may be some changes next time you visit or order from us. We are making these substantial improvements quickly to help ensure not only the longevity of Pearl’s, but to improve the experience of both our customers and our dedicated staff. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please submit them via our website.


I greatly appreciate your time and thank you in advance for your grace, kindness, and patience in the coming months as we make Pearl’s Bake Shoppe the best it can possibly be.


Paul Hubbard

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